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              Our products: Blister Packaging Machine    Pharmaceutical Packing Production Line    Medicine Automatic Cartoning Machine    Capsule Filling Machine
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              DPP Alu-alu & Alu-pvc Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
              DPP-140D/E blister packager
              DPP-250F/G blister packager
              DPP-320 blister packager
              DPP-260H Blister Packing Machine
              DPR Tropical Alu-Pvc-Alu Blister Packaging Machine
              DPH high speed blister packing machine
              DCT-250 Medicine Packaging Automatic Production Line
              Full Automatic High Speed Cartoning/Boxing Machine
              GBZ Transparent Film Automatic Packing Machine
              DLL-160 Multifunctional Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine
              Capsule and Tablet Polishing Machine
              Full Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine
              DZB-250 Multifunctional Pillow-type Auto Packing Machine
              DPZ-260 paper card type multi-functional packaging machine
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              The machine integrates light, machinery, electricity and gas,which is controlled by PLC programmable. Which can automatically completed the process of forming, feeding, heat sealing, creasing and cutting. Applicable to pharmaceutical,food,electronics,medical equipment,hardware and other industries of aluminum-pvc,paper-aluminum,aluminum-aluminum and other packaging.
              (1)This machine can realize two kinds of packing methods: aluminum plastic / paper plastic and aluminium and aluminium;
              (2)This machine is lengthened and adopts split assembly, which is convenient for elevator and cleaning workshop;
              (3)This machine is lengthened, molding and heat sealing loading station is 1.6m longer, convenient customer matching special feeder or camera detection system, ensure that the feeding rate and filling rate of finished products;
              (4)Die with center positioning groove, convenient and rapid replacement; Also can be selected with Aluminum Alloy rail matching with mold, with more convenient adjustment;
              (5)This machine has increased the cam, can make the bubble maximum depth of 26mm, meet the special requirements of a large pill, medical equipment, food and other industries.;
              (6)This machine transmission is separated from the electrical phase. The stainless steel outer cover is changed into open type for easy operation, maintenance and maintenance;
              (7)The machine adopts integral arch plane frame, make the machine more precise,firm and durable, avoid cross contamination; All parts in contact with drugs are made of high quality 316 stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy non-toxic materials , in full compliance with the GMP standard.
              (8)Customers can choose photoelectric alignment, optical fiber inspection or camera detection device according to requirements;
              (9)According to customer needs, optional online mode, by increasing the image detecting system (or optical fiber detection system), vacuum suction plate sorting device and conveyor belt etc. reserved line interface, can be directly with the pillow machine, cartoning machine and other equipment such as linkage automatic production line.
              ITEM                                 Technical parameter
              Cutting frequency                    20~180 plates/minute(ALU-PVC)
                                                   20~120 plates/minute(ALU-ALU)
              Productivity                         18000~236000 pieces/hour(ALU-PVC)
              Max.forming area                     160×250mm
              Max.forming depth                    26mm(ALU-PVC)
              Adjusting range of travel            40~160mm
              Standard plate size                  80×57mm
              Width and thickness of PVC and PTP   PVC:260×0.15~0.45mm
              HARD ALU:                           260
              Power source:                        380V 50HZ,Main motor 1.5KW,Hot-sealing 4.5KW
              Air requirement:                     ≥0.2m3/min
              Cooling water:                       Tap water or recycling consumption 60L/H
              Overall size:                        3500×741×1680mm
              Weight:                              2600kg

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