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              Our products: Blister Packaging Machine    Pharmaceutical Packing Production Line    Medicine Automatic Cartoning Machine    Capsule Filling Machine
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              DPP Alu-alu & Alu-pvc Flat Plate Blister Packing Machine
              DPR Tropical Alu-Pvc-Alu Blister Packaging Machine
              DPH high speed blister packing machine
              DCT-250 Medicine Packaging Automatic Production Line
              Full Automatic High Speed Cartoning/Boxing Machine
              GBZ Transparent Film Automatic Packing Machine
              DLL-160 Multifunctional Automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine
              Capsule and Tablet Polishing Machine
              Full Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine
              JTJ-B Semi-automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine
              NJP Full Automatic Hard Capsule Filling Machine
              DZB-250 Multifunctional Pillow-type Auto Packing Machine
              DPZ-260 paper card type multi-functional packaging machine
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                  Product Readme

                 JTJ-B Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

                  JTJ-B Semi-Automatic Medicine Filling Machine collects optical-mechanical-electrical as integration, configuration with independent empty capsule feeding station, powder feeding station and capsule closing station. The medium process need to be processed by hand .The machine adopt variable speed control. The operation is very easy and simple,and the powder material can be feed correctly. This filling machine body and working table adopt S.S material meets the sanitary requirement of pharmacy. It is suitable for filling powder and granular capsule in pharmacy and health food industry.         

                  The light-touch switches .feeding propeller and filling rotary table can be in automatic run based on preset and frequency speed control.    

                  Reducing the packing cost due to high application and run-on.    

                  Keeping balance of filling amounts on both sides 


               Max. out put:

               20000 Capsules/Hour

               Capsule Size:

               00#-4# hard capsule

               Dosage Type:


               Power Supply:


               Machine Size:


               Machine Weight:


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