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              Composition of Pharmaceutical Blister Machinery Equipment
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              Composition of Pharmaceutical Blister Machinery Equipment

                     Pharmaceutical blister packaging equipment and blister packaging equipment for other products are mainly consist of the following components:     

                     ① heating part. The use of heating device is to heat the plastic sheet to make it soften for facilitate molding.     

                     According to different ways of the heater and contact sheets, there are direct heating and indirect heating heating. Direct heating is to make the sheet contact the heater, and heating speed is quick but uneven, which is suitable for thin material heating; indirect heating takes advantage of radiant heat, closing to the sheet heating, heating thoroughly and evenly. But the speed is slow on the thickness of the material apply.         

                     According to different sources of heater, there're two heating ways: hot air heating and thermal radiation heating. Hot air heating system with direct injection high-temperature hot air to be heated plastic sheet surface, the heating efficiency of this way is not high, and not balance. Thermal radiation heating takes advantage of far infrared light generated by the heater to heat radiation and high temperature materials dragonfly sheets, heating efficiency, and uniform.     

                     ② forming part: There are compression molding and absorbing plastic molding. Compression molding use compressed air to pressure to soften and blow foil to the mold, thus making it close to the mold inner and blister forming. Mold adopts flat shapes, usually for intermittent transmission or continuous transmission, which forming with good quality, and the depth of the bubble cover are applicable for different blister. Plastic vacuum forming is the way to soften the foil and adsorb it to the inner mold to form blister. Mold usually adopts continuous transmission roller shape, for the vacuum suction generated by limited, and limitation of angle after forming blister away from roller, so it is only applicable to shallow blister and thin material.     

                     ③ filling device: The drug is filled into the blister, using multi-column quantitative automatic filling device.     

                     ④sealing device: Put aluminum foil sealing the blister. There are flat plate and roller plate type. Flat plate is used for intermittent transmission and roller plate is used for continuous transmission.

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